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Our Owners

Jessica Khetani and Kanta (Kay) Hirani are joint directors and founders of Little Pebbles Nurseries.  Both of us are parents and understand that parents want to offer their children the very best they can.  Many of us can’t be with our children all the time due to work and other commitments, so when leaving our children in childcare, we are looking for absolute assurance that they are receiving a high level of care and attention, by qualified and caring professionals who love their job.

We started our first nursery (Little Pebbles Burnt Oak) in 2012, due to the sheer passion that we both have working with children, and in 2014, we opened our second nursery (Little Pebbles Hendon). Whilst working within childcare ourselves, we had a strong desire to make our nurseries offer the best care; we are able to do this as we have an extremely hardworking and passionate team. Over the past five years, Little Pebbles nurseries have established a good reputation and many of our children are joining us due to this reputation.


I had previously worked in two well established day nurseries for eight years before Little Pebbles. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience as I built a career from starting work as a nursery nurse through to senior roles of deputy manager and manager. My qualifications include: BA Honours in working in integrated service (Level 6), Foundation Degree in working with children and young people (Level 4 & 5, and BTEC Diploma in Nursery Nursing (Level 3). I strive to ensure that the children’s welfare is paramount and that various activities and opportunities are offered to children to build their knowledge and extend their learning. I value that parents are children’s first educators, and ensure they are involved and informed about their child’s learning journey.


I had previously worked in childcare for 8 years before Little Pebbles. My experience involves, working as an Ofsted registered childminder, nursery practitioner at Sure Start children centres across Brent and a senior staff at a private day nursery in Middlesex. I am level 5 qualified and I completed my Degree in Early Childhood studies in 2012. I have experience of working with children from birth to 8 years. I have also been involved in various voluntary community work such as fund raising, making children aware of their cultural backgrounds and youth work. I value Bowlby’s attachment theory and the key person system, and understand that it is important for children to feel safe and secure at nursery; this can be achieved by the child having a firm attachment to members of staff.





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    Saiyan Jin,

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    Priti Jadva,

  • We attend Christmas party for first time and it was great for kids and for parents Bhakti. Mum to Yush

    Bhakti Natha,

  • We would like to thank all the staff who have been caring for Jinal from Day 1 when Little Pebbles Nursery was opened an

    Jaydev Vyas,

  • Little pebbles Nursery Both my children attended little pebbles and one of them still does. I have found little pe

    Paru Kanbi,

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