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Burnt Oak Inspection report: 2nd November 2015

Graded “Good”

Staff know the children well and meet their learning needs effectively by drawing on their interests and skills. The quality of teaching is good.

The successful partnership with other professionals helps staff to work well with outside agencies to obtain support for children when needed. Staff understand and respect the needs of all children. All children thrive as they play and learn together.

Leaders make sure that the staff team works well together. The manager checks that staff understand their roles and responsibilities well and are well positioned in the nursery to meet children’s care needs effectively.

Staff have good partnerships with parents. Good sharing of information means parents know about their children’s daily activities and are included in supporting their learning.




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  • Always greeted with a smile and the team are so supportive. Just to know your children are in a safe fun loving structur

    Saiyan Jin,

  • Dhianna's key worker has helped her to be more confidant during group activities and encourage her to be more creative d

    Priti Jadva,

  • We attend Christmas party for first time and it was great for kids and for parents Bhakti. Mum to Yush

    Bhakti Natha,

  • We would like to thank all the staff who have been caring for Jinal from Day 1 when Little Pebbles Nursery was opened an

    Jaydev Vyas,

  • Little pebbles Nursery Both my children attended little pebbles and one of them still does. I have found little pe

    Paru Kanbi,

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